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FM/Internet Nighttime Schedule

12:00AM   Sun. Grace Bible Church - Pastor Tod Brainard

            Mon.   Facing the Contemporary with the Word of God
                           Dr. H. T. Spence - Foundations Bible College

            Tue.   Sermons of Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones - MLJTrust

            Wed.   Mount Calvary Baptist Church Hour

            Thu.   Word & Music - Charles Koelsch

            Fri.   Prince of Preachers - read by Charles Koelsch

            Sat.   The Trinity Foundation Lectures - Dr. John Robbins

1:00    Concert Music - with Charles Koelsch

            Sun.  Sunday Dinner Concert

            Mon.  Symphonic Showcase

            Tue.  Masters of the Keyboard

            Wed.  World's Great Music

            Thu.  Age of Grandeur

            Fri.  Stereo Music Hall

            Sat.  Join the Parade (Concert Band Music)

2:00     Sun  The Relevance of Scripture - Roll E. McEndollar

Mon - Sat Scripture & Song,

3:30     Mon - Fri  Spiritual Success Institute - Ron Hood

3:35     Mon - Fri  Let The Bible Speak - Alan Cairns

4:00     Mon. - Fri. Stories of Great Christians - MBI

           Sat. World of Imagination

           Sun.   The Scripture Driven Church - Dr. Paul Elliot

4:15    Mon - Fri. The Bible Speaks - Keith Ekberg

4:30    The Talking Book - (KJV) Scripture Reading

   ***Daytime programme schedule continues here