Harbour Light Christian Academy
School building construction project - 2015

Foundation, steel frame, and siding - January/February

Pictured above as of February 4, 2015

Future home of Harbour Light Christian Academy - December, 2014

Site preparation began late in December, 2014  This photo taken on Jan. 8, 2015

…two days later…  this has been the most rainy January we can remember!

Lost a week’s worth of work time due to rain.  Casting began… on a rainy day!

Meanwhile, the container arrived on January 24,  but had to be left on the road above the radio station due to rain. The next day was sunny, but the front of the container (21 tons of steel and other interior materials) had settled into the bank and had to be lifted away from the bank before the truck could finally position it at our make-shift loading dock! Praise the Lord for 100% duty-free entry and for Georgies Agents clearing it for us free of charge!

The Lord coordinated the arrival of the container with the team’s arrival on January 26 to unload and properly sort and organize the contents for easier access and speedier assembly.

Assembly of the steel structure began on January 30 on one end while the local contractor was finishing casting the floor at the other end!

February 3, 2015  Steel framework is complete!

January 31, 2015

Windows, exterior insulation and skin started going up on February 4.










Jane & Kathy

School children on a field trip to see the new building

Thank you, Team!

We glorify the Lord on behalf of your good work!

Interior 1

The local contractor is working on the retaining walls.