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21 July, 2015

Dear Citizens of Heaven,

Greetings in Jesus' Name!  May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ our Lord be multiplied to you and may His wisdom be yours as you go about your Father's business.  Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, Command the sons of Israel and say to them, 'When you enter the land of Canaan, this is the land that shall fall to you as an inheritance, even the land of Canaan according to its borders. Numbers 34:1(-12!)

We have said “so-long” to Leroy St. Jean, a Bible School student, who has been with us for the past few weeks working with me on the school building and working the Thursday evening on-air shift.  He has done a good job and we thank the Lord for sending him to help us this summer.  He helped keep us on target for having the building ready for the end-of-school programmes and the Fall school term.  He is engaged to Roxanne Maturine, one of our school teachers.  They are in Dominica so Roxanne can meet his family and pastor.  Pray that God will guide them as they make plans for their wedding next year in Dominica and future ministry together.

Speaking of Dominica, "Mama C", along with granddaughter Angelia, have been visiting my church-planting brother, Tony, and family in Dominica.  They travel today for Antigua and a visit with my youngest brother, Jonathan, and his wife Becky.

We have welcomed the fourth work team to help us with the school project.  We praise the Lord for each individual who has come on each team and for their sacrificial labour of love. It is amazing how much has been accomplished by these teams! Wayne and Jane Camfield have come for the third time (this year).  They have been extremely helpful and encouraging of the school ministry for many years. Ray McDowell has come for the second time for this project.  He has been here many times in years past on work teams and we have grown to love and appreciate him and his wife & family. Maria Bump is here for the first time and we have enjoyed getting to know her. She has been a willing and hard worker!  They have all jumped right into the work of finishing all 14 interior doors, installing electrical outlet devices, and finishing floors.  Pray with us for the Lord to send a carpenter-cabinet maker.  We still have some cabinets as well as some desks to build.

The AM transmitter has been in low power for over a week.  Some of the needed parts have finally arrived and I have just installed them.  That has enabled us to increase power to about 70%.  Lord willing, the rest of the parts will arrive soon so we can be back to full power.  We are still recovering from an overheating failure precipitated by a failed A/C in the transmitter room.  Please pray for wisdom to keep the equipment working well and for God's hand of protection on the whole facility. Pray that each listener as well as the broadcasters and station staff will go on with the Lord in faith and obedience.

We live in a day of fewer and fewer boundaries – moral, ethical and especially biblical. People are trying as never before to break God's “bands” and cast His “cords” away from them. (Psalm 2) When the children of Israel crossed over Jordan into the promised land, God set boundaries for them.  In our experience of sanctification – the promised land of Christian living – God has set and has commanded clear borders, boundaries or standards and convictions that will keep us safely in the center of His will for godly, sanctified, Christian living. I hope you will read the entire passage (Numbers 34:1-12), and join me in meditating on what God is saying to us by using them as an example and evaluate whether or not we are “in bounds” as far as our obedience to all God's “bands” and “cords.”

Thank you for your fellowship by prayer, support, broadcasts, or coming on a work team!

Spreading the WORD,

Randy Cornelius & Staff

Phil. 1:9-11