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Listen on your phone! Dial in and set phone to speaker. 1(701)719-7098

The Harbour Light of the Windwards operates from Tarleton Point, Mt. Pleasant, Carriacou, Grenada.  We broadcast 19 hours daily on the AM band (1400Khz), 24/7 on the FM band (92.3Mhz in Carriacou and 94.5Mhz in St. George’s, Grenada) and via live Internet streaming.

The Harbour Light of the Windwards has been on the air since December 1st, 1991, piercing the domain of the devil with the glorious Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The founder, Rolen Cornelius, was a Christian radio veteran.  He went to Liberia, West Africa in the mid 1950's to work with radio station ELWA.  In the early 1970's God called the Cornelius family to Antigua to build the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse.  In the Late 1980's God moved Rolen & his wife, Arlene, to Carriacou to begin work on the Harbour Light.  The Harbour Light is a distinctively Christian radio station and located on the beautiful 13 square-mile island of Carriacou, a dependency of Grenada in the Windward islands of the West Indies.  Our purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as God, the Creator; to lift Him up as the only way to be saved from your sin and God's impending judgment; to teach true believers how to walk in holiness; to encourage separated churches to remain faithful to God & His Word in the midst of compromise & apostasy; and to provide educational and public service programmes for your benefit.  The Harbour Light of the Windwards is a non-profit, non-commercial, Christian radio ministry. We invite you to listen to our live broadcast stream.  Our prayer is that your visit with us will be helpful and a blessing.

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Tarleton Point

Carriacou, Grenada

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