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Bible Study & other helpful Resources

The following are resources you may freely download, print and distribute as the Lord leads you.  We ask that you use them as they are without altering them without permission.  They have been formatted for double-sided printing.  Some we have written and the rest we have obtained permission from the authors to reprint.  We pray that these pamphlets and booklets will encourage you in a faithful, careful walk with the Lord in these days of rampant compromise and apostasy even among “fundamentalists.”


How We Got Our Bible - Keith Ekberg

KJV - Translators to the Reader - King James Translators

Bible Reading Guides

Robert Murray McChenne

Through The Bible in a Year or Two


Billy Graham & his Bible - Alan Cairns

Double minded women: Dressing to Please Men - Patti Williams

My Heart, Christ’s Home - Robert Boyd Munger

Womens Head Covering - Michael Marlowe


The Devils Mission Of Amusement - Pastor Archibald Brown

God’s Beauty Secret - Randy Cornelius

Women Adorning - Pattie Williams

Prophet, Priest & King - Ron Williams

How I Learned To Pray For The Lost - L. M.

Basic End-Time Chronology - Randy Cornelius


Pastor Tim Kelly - Excellent series of lectures about Christian music.

2016 Music Retreat - Biblical Music Principles

2017 Music Retreat - The Rhythm of Rock

2019 Music Retreat - Music & Emotions

2021 Music Retreat - 7 Evidences for Godly Music

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Theme Song Lyrics (Over The Deadline)

Theme Song Music with Lyrics (Over The Deadline)

Book Markers (Over The Deadline)  Print on card stock and share with friends if you wish

Book Markers (Sunrise & Tower) same as above