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The mission statement of the Harbour Light is found in our Lord’s words spoken to the Apostle Paul.  I am sending you to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me.  (Acts 26:18)

Here is a little Harbour Light history.  When Rolen & Arlene Cornelius arrived on Carriacou in 1988, they did not possess one dime toward the building of this station – they just knew that God had called them here to build it! They began to look for land and work through other Government “red tape.”  Soon after arriving, they found the only fundamental church on the island – the Grand Bay Gospel Hall – and began attending.  The group was very small, but faithful.  Brother Isaac and Brother Cox faithfully preached the Gospel to the handful of believers and occasional visitor.  The first night Rolen & Arlene visited there was a plague of flying ants as happens so often when rain is coming.  Brother Isaac was sure that whoever they were, they would not return.  He thought they were tourists anyway!  They did return and felt right at home with these godly men and “faithful few.”  One meeting, Brother Isaac asked Rolen to stand and let the folks know why they were in Carriacou and how long they planned to stay.  Rolen stood up and told them that the Lord had called them here to “build a Christian radio station – one that was Christian not just in name only but truth; a radio station that would reach the Windwards with the Gospel.”  After the service, Brother Isaac told Rolen that he, Brother Cox and many others had been praying for 20 years that the Lord would raise up a testimony for Him on this island.   He said that this was what they had prayed for!  … and the Lord started sending in the funds to build.

In January of 1989, ground was broken.  June brought the final approval for the land at Tarleton Point and in September, our first Grenadian joined the staff – Francina (Bristow) Little!  She started working with a list of 100 people in this area wanting to take the Bible Courses sent to us by the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua.  In November, the building plans were approved and in late February – early March of 1990, the first team came to assist in the building of the first building.  In late March, Randy & Sharlene Cornelius (Rolen & Arlene’s son & daughter-in-law) arrived with their one daughter.  June brought John McPherson to help put up the tower.  He narrowly escaped death when the next to the last section of tower came plunging down after a cable twisted free from a hoisting grip.  In December, we saw the arrival of the first major shipment of equipment and supplies.  While loading steel siding for the buildings, the jeep and trailer on which it was being loaded began to slip in the mud.  Brother Leborn jumped into the jeep to try to stop it but it continued to slide toward a steep drop-off!   As it began to move, the siding sticking out the back of the trailer swung around nearly slicing Rolen’s neck and he cried out “Lord help!!”  Immediately, the jeep stopped – inches from the drop-off.

Construction continued through the rest of 1990 and on into 1991 without much “excitement.”   In June of 1990, Francina reported that we had over 1000 Bible students!  In August of 1991, the Robinsons arrived bringing our first generator.  On October 25 – Grenada’s Thanksgiving Day – we commissioned the transmitter and began our first test broadcast.  December 1 was then planned for our first regular broadcasting schedule.  November brought more rain than we knew what to do with.  First, the generator lost a cooling hose, the automatic shut-off failed and the engine was destroyed.  Then Brother Robinson slipped in the mud while riding his motor scooter and landed in a patch of cactus!  Next… Randy was cleaning the chain on his motorcycle – in a hurry because he and family were to go to his folks house for his birthday supper.   Two fingers ended up being pulled into the rear sprocket… and, well… they are a little shorter now.  Rolen was still recuperating from recent neck surgery.  Arlene did not want to be left out, so she slipped on the muddy walk to their house and broke her ankle.  There is more, but I will spare you.

The Lord provided a small 3 phase generator through Mr. Kent, a local estate owner, which was delivered in a torrential rain storm.  After some minor repairs, it was ready for our December 1 sign-on schedule!  Praise the LORD!  The ensuing weeks brought many letters and calls saying that the Harbour Light was being heard all over our target area.  In March, the first Captain’s Kids program was broadcast and in May the Harbour Light was officially dedicated with many friends from several islands and the USA present.  Faithful Brother Isaac went to be with the Lord in the USA this month having never heard the Harbour Light but satisfied to have “seen it from afar.”  The building in which I sit is named in memory of him.  The Studio building was named after Brother Cox (now with the Lord) and the transmitter building after “Winnie” Noel whom the Lord has used in a marked way to be a blessing to the work here.  The fruit started to become evident when a listener wrote from Tobago to say that he had received Christ as his Saviour after finding the Harbour Light.  A listener from St. Vincent who had been in a mental asylum for attempting suicide heard about God’s love and power to save and forgive sin on the Harbour Light.   He said, “My soul has been saved and I have become a member of the body of Christ.”

In July of 1992, Randy had a nearly fatal fall from the top of his 55-foot ham radio tower.  While recuperating in the USA, the Lord brought 3 new Grenadian staff members to work at the Harbour Light.  Leborn John (a son in the Lord to Rolen & Arlene and the Rosses. January of 1996 brought the McPhersons to Carriacou and December of that year Jennifer Prime joined the staff.

On February 7, 1997, the Lord took Rolen home to be with Him after 40 years of serving the Lord in Christian radio - in Africa and the Caribbean – and his son, Randy, took over as manager of the Harbour Light ministries.

On December 1 of 1997, we began broadcasting on the FM band as a "Fitting Memorial" to the life and labour of the founder of the Harbour Light, Rolen Cornelius.  The Lord called Linus Louis here to labour with us in March of 2000 and to marry Jennifer later that year.  In 2001, the Lord brought the Ekbergs (Rolen & Arlene’s daughter & son-in-law) to labour with us.  Others who have worked with us for short a short time are the Steels and the Murphys.

Today the staff consists of Randy & Sharlene Cornelius and family, "Mama C" (Arlene Cornelius) and Richard & Francina Little and family. Recently, Lily Little joined the staff as she waits on the Lord concerning Bible School.  Many are enrolled in our free Bible correspondence school - a great deal fewer than the earlier years. We broadcast 19 hours daily on AM 1400 and 24 hours daily on FM 94.5 & 92.3 and the Internet.  Since we went on the air, 2 fundamental churches were planted on this island and one rescued from closing as a direct result of the Harbour Light.  Harbour Light staff members have been vital to the leadership of all three churches.  The Harbour Light ministers to many thousands in our primary target area of the Windward islands as well as all over the English speaking world through Internet streaming.

The establishment and continuance of the Harbour Light is a testimony to the power and faithfulness of God.  May the Lord continue to help Himself to us and this facility that He has raised up and sustains by “His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.”

To God be the Glory, great things He hath done!

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